FHS Gifted Department

  Fontainebleau High School - Mandeville, LA

Math Summer Skills Practice

Basic Math - You will need to be able to perform the following skills quickly, correctly and without a calculator.
Addition Facts                 Multiplication Facts                 Fractions                      
Decimals                          Place Value                            Rounding    
Integers -select +-x and divide, simple, negatives, focused     
Perfect Squares to 25
Mean,Median,Mode       Order of Operations *more    Beginning Graphing 
Solving Equations           Ratio and Proportions

Algebra Skills -Geometry students need to have mastered these skills
Multi-step Equations       Inequalities                               Linear Equations  *Graphing       
Linear Inequalities           Systems of Equations             Factoring
Radicals  *more               Pythagorean Theorem            Calculator Graphing -General Info
Algebra Worksheet Generator

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Summer Reading


ACT/SAT Testing

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FREE online resource

         - Number2.com - Interactive Lessons, practice tests
         - March2Success.com - practices tests
         - 4Tests.com - practice tests/answers
         - SparkNotes.com -practice tests/answers
         - HotMath Workbooks
         -Test Prep Review